Christina Myers appointed Advisor in Education and New Technologies to Scholas Occurrentes, Pope Francis’ initiative on inclusive education

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Press Release

Christina Myers was recently appointed as an Advisor in Education and New Technologies to the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, an organisation founded by Pope Francis that focuses on the promotion of peace through education. Scholas Occurrentes works with schools and educational communities, both public and private, and of all religious and secular confessions, to create quality education accessible by anyone. The core mission of Scholas is to generate a paradigm shift in education through the integration of educational communities. Scholas relies on technology to design global classrooms, with the inclusion of art and sport, to realize an integrated and peaceful society.

The 2017 Educational Summit in Jerusalem convened 75 young people from Israel, Palestine, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya, Burundi, Congo and Brazil, and was attended by 70 scholars from 41 universities in Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia, as well as the main religious references of the three Abrahamic religions. Christina closed a session on the first day of the conference, presenting the role of leadership to create inclusive education.

Pope Francis closed the Summit, saying, “Our utopia, of all those who in some way are Scholas, is to create a culture of encounter with this education. So I want to thank today the adults, scholars of the Hebrew University and many universities around the world by not locking themselves and putting their valuable knowledge at the service of listening. And young people from Israel, Palestine and the guests from other countries of the world, thank you, dare to dream, to search for the meaning, to create, to thank, to celebrate, to put the mind, hands and heart to make the culture of the meeting.”

Christina is now managing a group of academics and young entrepreneurs in launching ideas on how to use new technologies to create social change via educational initiatives.

Visit Scholas Occurrentes to find out more about the organisation.

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